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I appreciated the private, serene, entrance tucked in between the corner bldg. nestled by calming waters of a glistening pond. I was quite satisfied with the Naturopathic and holistic education, the LIPO LIGHT Laser and pain relieving spectrabrite procedures. The staff provided excellent educational health tips, free HYPERVIBE usage and juicing recipes. They NEVER pushed to sell me more services or sessions than what I came for. I researched this LIPO LIGHT procedure before I came and am pleased with how rejuvenated I felt when I left.

- Teale R.

This place is great!! It is not only about weight loss, it’s about healing the entire body, mind and spirit!!

- Julie

They make you feel like family starting from your first visit. They sincerely care about your nutrition, state of health, and overall well-being. They are extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and what keeps the body working at its peak performance. He makes you get excited about changing your body for the better.

I was weaning myself off of my anti-depressants for a couple months. I was still tired all the time, even though I was taking doctor prescribed sleeping medicine. It was really frustrating. Once I voiced my concerns to them they recommended that I try some supplements from Standard Process. I have never felt better! I am completely off of my anti-depressants as well as my sleeping medicine. I get a more restful sleep at night and am not tired throughout the day like I was before. I have also had less joint and muscle pain since starting these supplements, which I was suffering with for years.

I am a very health conscious individual and thought I was taking all I needed to feel my best. Now, I can't imagine life without these supplements. I feel whole again! Thank you so much!!

- Sarah T.

“You guys are GREAT!!” I felt totally and completely at home. The doctor was able to reach my 14 yr old son unlike anyone that I’ve met since being here in Indiana. He very rarely speaks about anyone other than immediately family members, he was still talking about “the Happy Place” at his bedtime. I came to iBodyIQ for lipo treatment and I left with so much more. Just keep doing what you are doing guys, we adore you”!

- Stephanie G.

This is a wonderful relaxing experience! Doctor is very knowledgeable and helpful... Totally recommend this for anyone! Lost inches too after first treatment.

- Jennifer

My daughter and I are doing this together. We both felt very comfortable and informed of new information. We are very excited with changing our lifestyles.

- Janita T.

Loved it !! I learned so much about my body and the doctor was very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain everything and make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

- Lisa M.

iBody IQ has given me a fresh outlook on health, body, mind and soul. I started my experience purchasing Lipo laser treatments. First the lipo results were amazing, with focused treatments on my biggest problem area “the mid section” I was able to trim my overall measurements by about 5”. This alone has given me more confidence than I have had in a long time. But my experience with iBody IQ went far beyond the purchased treatments. The doctor began my sessions with an assessment of my lifestyle, eating habits, goals and pitfalls. With each appointment he presented a variety of thought provoking ideas focused on helping me achieve and maintain my desired results. He is a resource of knowledge and an expert in his field.

I have already told countless friends and family about my fantastic experience. As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately welcomed. They went out of their way to make me feel special and appreciated. And as I said previously, they gave me many lifestyle tips to help me improve and enhance my well being. Everything they told me made a huge difference. They were so appreciative and thankful. I didn’t feel pressured, and I did not feel they would ever suggest I buy something that wasn’t necessary. They were always very considerate and professional. Overall I would rate my experience with iBody IQ a 10+ !

- Lannie C., Carmel, IN

As a registered nurse and working in the medical field, I was a bit skeptical of a non-invasive procedure such as the lipo light. I found each of the sessions to be very relaxing and pain free. I started to notice a reduction in my waist size by the fourth session. My jeans fit better, lost a notch on my belt and dropped a size in my scrub pants. I had continued my regular moderate exercise routine throughout my sessions, and my waist measured over one inch less by the fifth session. The doctor and his staff are very welcoming and friendly. He is very knowledgeable and offers so much more in the field of health and wellness.

- Lori H., Indpls., IN

I am a 73 year old women who had given up on diets and gimmicks to rid myself of the “fat belly”. Virtually everything I tried did not work or did not last.

I have been a client of about six weeks now and am delighted with the lipo light treatments. I have lost pounds and inches! My clothes are looser and I feel much more confident about myself. Not only do the lipo light treatments work, but if you follow the advice about eating more nutritiously, you will find yourself in a much better mood, feel better physically, have more energy and sleep better. I have lost one dress size already, and looking forward to more of the same. There is no pain, not the least bit uncomfortable in anyway. I didn’t realize how poorly I had been treating myself over these last few years but you can bet I will not return to the late night peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now that I have eaten less sugar, I find I don’t even miss it. I have even found I like more veggies than I thought I did.

People have told me not to worry about how I looked, that I am the only one who notices, but “I” am important too. After years of looking after someone else, it feels good to be able to do something for myself. I earned it and I’m glad I call him.

- Judy S., Avon, IN

Over the weekend, a taxi cab van ran over my foot causing severe pain, swelling and bruising. On Tuesday, I used the “spectrabrite” light on my right foot for 5 minutes to help reduce pain. Then I was given a cream too also help reduce pain, swelling and bruising. Before using the spectrabrite, my pain level was at 7 and throughout the day, I realized that the pain had decreased to a 3 after using the spectrabrite. The next morning when I woke up, I had a minimal amount of pain. I believe the spectrabrite quickly helped reduce my level of pain and swelling.

- Lisa W., Indpls., IN

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